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Polaroid Photo Studio Light Tent Kit, Includes 1 Tent, 2 Lights, 1 Tripod Stand, 1 Carrying Case, 4 Backdrops (Black, Blue, White, Red)


Polaroid Table Top Portable Photo Studio Kit | Ritz Camera

The Polaroid Tabletop Photo Studio Lighting Kit provides everything you need to outfit a small home studio, perfect for macro shots and product photos, all at an affordable price! It comes complete with 2 output lights, tripod stand, 4 backdrops, 3 diffuser screens, and a carrying case. It is everything you need to take professional studio-quality photos of small objects, or for shooting images for your catalog, brochure, website, etc.

The Polaroid Photo Studio Kit Includes The Following,

• 16" Light Tent - An all-In-one photo studio that's easy to set up and easy to transport. It Is made from white heavy duty nylon fabric, which softens shadows caused by your cameras direct flash. It Is everything you need to take professional studio-quality images. Great for photographing small objects. Great for taking images for your catalog, website etc. It folds down into a compact carry case.

• 2 High-Watt Bulbs - The light from the two high-watt portable light stands is aimed thorough the soft box screens to soften/eliminate subject shadows - just like the pros do. Color temperature 5100k, it has retractable legs. UL Approved.

• Tripod Stand - This camera stand is perfect for this table top studio. It features large legs with skid reduction pads that makes it stand firmly. It is also fully adjustable (10" min. - 17" max.) to set the camera at the perfect angle

• Carrying Case - On one side, the included nylon tote bag incorporates 3 pockets to store the two lights and tripod. On its other side, insert the folded studio soft box.

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Believe it or not the answer is - a photo studio

What looks like a briefcase, travels in carry-on and weighs only 6.0 pounds? Believe it or not the answer is - a photo studio. The Polaroid Photo Studio Kit comes in a case measuring 17 x 16 x 3.5" with an ingenious design feature - the case is the studio.