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Panasonic RQ2102 Cassette Recorder


Panasonic DVD Recorder Quick Set Up

I have a Panasonic DVD recorder too, and every time we would get Panasonic Blu-ray players in for review, my poor DVD recorder would go haywire. Panasonic DVD players, DVD recorders and Blu-ray players all share the same IR code set which means pressing play on any of the remotes will send a play control to all compatible devices.

Like previous Panasonic DVD recorders, the DMR-E8OH allows you to record directly to DVD-R (or DVD-RAMs) one track at a time. DVD-Rs must be finalized before they can be played in a standard DVD player, but for more control over your recording, tracks can be recorded first to the hard disk, edited if necessary, and then dubbed in half the time to the DVD-R. Unlike Toshiba's technology, you transfer tracks one at a time (or several at a time), building up a DVD-R as you go. Unlike Panasonic's earlier HD/DVD-R offering, there's no loss of quality when making a high-speed transfer.

Panasonic DVD Recorder Operating Instructions

  • Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-ES15M

    Panasonic Operating Instruction DVD Recorder DMR-ES15

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  • Panasonic DVD Recorder Operating Instructions

    I have a Panasonic DVD Recorder and just added a Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Blu-ray player to the system. When I use either remote it operates both devices simultaneously which is annoying.

    Note that the RF output on Panasonic DVD recorders is merely a pass-through of the RF input; there's no internal channel 3/4 modulator to watch the output of the recorder on a TV's RF input. While it's unlikely you'd watch such a fine recorder on such a primitive set, you might find an RF output useful to send the picture to other rooms, or to a small black and white TV as a dedicated editing monitor. In either case, you'll have to make do with the video (baseband) outputs.