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Panasonic Palmcorder IQ Camcorder VHS-C (PV-IQ405D)

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The new line boasts sleek, new cosmetics, and features the high performance, ease of use and ergonomic design that are hallmarks of the Panasonic Palmcorderâ line.

This is a Panasonic Palmcorder VHSC that we bought new in 2002. It takes VHS tapes as you'd expect, all though not the smaller kinds that are used in more recent tape camcorders. This is a large camera, but it has good optics; and, for the time, was a high-end camera in the range of $500. It features 700x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom, and probably records video at 640x480 resolution. Audio replication is excellent, even for its age.

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This is a DEMO of a Panasonic Palmcorder VHS-C camcorder. From 2000. Model PV-L550D. Has 150x zoom (18x optical), 2.5 LCD screen, built in light. So I found this 14 year old Panasonic Palmsight VHS-C camcorder at a thrift store for $15! Originally $30.99, but it was 50% off. But I am not sure exactly when this one came out, but I believe it was 2000. This one was probably about $400 when it was new. I do know that in the late nineties, the full size VHS camcorder were gone. Leaving just the VHS-C and 8mm or Hi8 BASICALLY. Also in the late nineties, the LCD flip screens started showing up. But these LCD screens were harder to see than the newer cams. They quickly got popular, eliminating the tiresome need to constantly look in the viewfinder. Also in the late 90's, the lithium ION batteries started showing up on camcorders. The Sony Handycams had them then. But for the full size VHS, they disappeared in the late 90's. For which I believe the RCA CC-4352 was one of the last full size VHS ever! Even that one had a flip screen! But anyway, VHS-C and 8mm/Hi 8 were equally successful! VHS-C was very popular back in the day basically for the convenience of being able to immediately play back the tapes on a home VCR without connecting the cam to the TV. But the 8mm was popular basically because it was significantly better quality, plus the tapes were smaller, but provided as much as 4 hours on a tape! But just can't play on a home VCR, has to be played on that camcorder! SO, all in all, at the time that THIS camcorder came out, 2000, VHS-C, S-VHS,8mm and Hi8 were the main formats. They did come up with some other format. it was a super small cassette called the MicroMV, which were REALLY COOL! Pocket size camcorders. I WOULD HAVE LOVED ONE OF THOSE! But those camcorders were SUPER EXPENSIVE! If I can remember, about $3000 when I first saw one, I think in 1998. It was going onto about 2001 that MiniDV and mini DVD camcorders started to come out! So, it was then that the analog VHS-Cs and 8mms had STARTED the phase out! Going onto about 2006, they discontinued the analog camcorders all together! For which I believe it was about 2006 the last year VHS-Cs and 8mm camcorders were sold!

A Panasonic Palmcorder IQ, Model No. PV-IQ405D, Serial No. B5WA16397, with x20 Digital Zoom and Digital Stabilization. The original battery and charger are included in the lot, as well as a black nylon carrying case from Ambico.