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This 2006 Panasonic MiniDV camcorder's performance is surprisingly good, considering how small and basic it is. The electronic image stabilization isn't very effective and the low light footage is a bit grainy, but otherwise it has excellent video and audio quality -- the image is a lot sharper and clearer than Panasonic's newer solid-state standard-definition camcorders, and the audio has almost no audible tape transport or zoom/focus motor noise.

Other Panasonic MiniDV models from 2006 include the low-end PV-GS29, which lacks a true 16:9 mode, and the more fancy PV-GS59, which adds a remote control and a few other frills.

The Panasonic mini dv camcorder is also easy to hold. You can carry this baby any where. It fits in your palm great. I got a great camera bag for it too when I was given the camera. I love the Panasonic mini dv camcorder. I may not have bought one for myself as I do not have that kind of cash. But it was awesome to get as a gift. I am still amazed by how great this camera works years later.

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The Panasonic mini dv camcorder is self explanatory although it does come with a huge instruction manual. I have to be honest in saying that I never even opened the instructions because the camera is self explanatory so I did not need them. It is very easy to work. I mean, all you have to do is turn it on, select the video option that you want to use. Then take your video. The LCD is the best part. I can easily view the screen from afar to make sure the camera is pointed where I want it to be taking the video. I can set it down and take a video of myself if I felt like it. This camera is just simple to use all the way around. It has has 5-mode AE sports, portrait, low light, spot light, surf and snow.

The picture on this Panasonic mini dv camcorder is amazing. It is older now then the newer versions. But it still is one of the best cameras that I have used. I still prefer this one to the JVC I was given a year ago as well. It takes a clearer view of every thing. The picture quality is truly crisp and clear. The color is dead on. I have had no trouble at all over the last few years with the picture display.