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Panasonic announces three new digital video recorder with Hi-Vision (Japanese HDTV) digital tuner.

The Panasonic DMR-XW50 packs a 500GB hard-drive, while the DMR-XW30 comes with a 400GB drive. The DMR-XP10 only has a 200GB drive.
With the DMR-XW50 you can enjoy 1080p progressive video output. The new digital devices can record two digital programs at the same time and the system now also supports to record series (a standard feature, but not available on my Panasonic digital recorder).The new Panasonic recorders also have again a SD card slot. Now you can transfer music or photos from the HDD to the SD card to play them back in portable devices. To get music onto the HDD, the DMR-XW50 and DMR-XW30 feature an Ethernet port.

The Panasonic DMR-XW50 and DMR-XW30 will begin shipping on September 1st. The DMR-XP10 will be in stores on October 10th.
More details in this Panasonic (Japanese).

2 GB Internal Memory. 4 X Zoom Recording,
MP3 down load stereo recording, up to 290 h recording.

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