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Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD Camcorder with Wi-Fi, Built with Multi Scene Twin Camera (Black)


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With the 4k camcorder feeding a live monitor, they went nerdy and got extremely close up. The attempt to identify individual pixels failed. The ultra high resolution is what we're after, and while we don't have a model number for the camcorder, we do know that 4k video was very prevalent at the show. As far as we can tell the Panasonic 4k camcorder should be excellent, and it bears some resemblance to the , so our hope is that the price will too!

The VariCam 35 incorporates an innovative design whereby the 4K and 2/3” camera heads are separate from but dockable to the common, shared recording module, enabling professionals to switch between s35mm and 2/3” camera heads to best suit their creative needs. This system flexibility can be expanded with an umbilical cable between the s35mm 4K camera and the AVC-ULTRA recorder, providing “box” camera functionality for jibs, cranes and other remote camera needs. The Panasonic 4K professional camcorder features a removable control panel to facilitate real-time control and easy menu access when the camera is in a fixed or remote position. The camcorder offers a production-tough aluminum alloy body to assure durability and reliability in the most challenging shooting locations.

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Panasonic 4K professional camcorder
Mark Peters : November 15th 2014 - 11:00 CET

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The Panasonic HC-VXF990 is packed with advanced functions and features to satisfy the needs of both professionals and high-amateurs. With the new tiltable viewfinder, this 4K camcorder makes it easier to capture subjects more precisely. Cinema Like Effects are new features that allow the use of shooting techniques seen in cinemas, such as Slow & Quick Video, Slow Zoom and Dolly Zoom (Vertigo Effect). This high-end Panasonic 4K camcorder is a great tool for creating cinema style videos. Newly added 4K Cropping cuts out Full-HD images from 4K footage using only the camcorder. It allows effects to be added to a recorded video, such as zooming, panning, tracking and stabilizing. The edited video is saved in Full-HD format. This function is especially appreciated by those who want to create high-quality Full-HD videos.