Olympus Float Strap Specifications:

Olympus Foam Float Strap, 202212, Red


Olympus Float Strap Orange | Lens & Shutter

The Olympus 202204 Floating Camera Strap keeps SW Series cameras afloat in the water. Take shots with your waterproof camera with confidence, as this digital camera float strap keeps it firmly attached and the bright orange color makes the camera easy to spot. This Olympus orange float strap is easy to see in pools, lakes, oceans or anywhere your SW camera can go.

Keeps Stylus Tough Series and other waterproof cameras from quickly sinking to the bottom with Olympus Floating Wrist Strap. Gentle positive buoyancy of strap allows users to take steady underwater pictures without having their hand forced to the surface. Adjustable for the perfect fit on your wrist or arm. Carabineer loop for clipping to your life jacket or scuba gear.

OLYMPUS Foam Float Strap - Island Red - 202349

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Olympus Foam Float Strap, 202212, Red ..