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Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-852, Silver


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Capture detailed recording of all your important events. Whether you use your recorder for reminders or to keep track of important conversations, Olympus digital recorders allow you to capture it all accurately and efficiently, so you can hear them again and again.

Perfect for recording notes and conversations. Olympus digital recorders feature powerful microphones, capable of picking up soft voices and sounds from a distance with crisp, clear playback every time. We also offer a range of recorders to capture every word at a larger gathering like a conference or sporting event. You can even activate Noise Cancellation to minimize background noise for an even clearer playback.

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Cool Tools – Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

The Olympus Digital Voice Recorder is used to make digital recordings of speeches, lectures or other audio events. It can separate recordings...

Audio notes don’t do a whole lot of good if you can’t find them. Our simple and friendly digital voice recorders are perfect for everyday use. With long battery life and large LCD screens, it’s easy for anyone to view calendars, search notes and control playback speeds. Plus, many Olympus digital recorders feature a USB that connects to your computer allowing you to easily organize, back up and share all your recordings. Just plug it in, download your files and keep recording.