Nikon Camera Lens Mugs, I NEED this!

VEPOWER Nikon Lens AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 Coffee Cup Mug latest genration (Non-Zoom)


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Every true artist harbors a addiction, and photographers are no exception. Realize your dream of consuming liquids from your photography gear and satisfy your thirst using the stylish Nikon Lens Mug. Made from food grade PC plastic and quality stainless steel, this is fashioned after the classic Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G lens with all the intricate details of the original, and features a waterproof lid designed after the lens cap. The dual walled insulating structure allows the mug to maintain the temperature of your hot or cold drink while keeping it separate from your hands.

Our friends over at Photojojo have had a Canon Lens Coffee Mug in their store for a while now but today just added a Nikon lens Mug for all you Nikon fans.

Nikon Camera Lens Mugs - The Photojojo Store

Nikon Zoom Lens Mug

Feeling out of focus? Here’s a mug that’ll snap you out of blurry mornings.

It’s a mug that looks just like a 24-70mm Nikon lens. The best part? It zooms!

Nikon Zoom Lens Mug
$30 in the Photojojo Shop

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Nikon Camera Lens Mugs A Zoom Mug for your imbibing pleasure

The lens mug has become the must-have novelty item for the photographer over the last few years, and we’ve seen a range of convincing and (not-so convincing) designs come and go. Finally we have the real deal: an official Nikon lens mug that’s almost indistinguishable from a real Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED optic – and we’re giving 30 away!

I was searching for a Nikon Coffee mug as a gift for a Nikon fanatic friend and ran into this. I just posted an article about , and all of a sudden there's a new one out with another upgrade. Looks like the Nikon Replicas are ahead of the competition with this one. An actual Stainless steel insert Nikon Replica Lens Coffee Mug that 'Zooms' in and out. Yeah it's a bit geeky, but if you're going to rock one, why not rock it right. The details on the mug are claimed to be 99.9% accurate, and having received my a while back, i'm sure that's very possible. They are coming out with such detail and scale to size, it's hard to tell the real from the fake. Now with the cool 'Zoom' factor, it adds even more to these fun little nostalgic collector cups. This one also comes with the fancy lens pouch to complete. This is a very new item and has