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This is my first attempt at HD-film with the Nikon D90. Yesterday I upgraded my trusty old Nikon D80 camera body with the new D90. Besides being a geat DSLR camera for still imagery, it also boasts a HD film mode which captures 1280x720 movie straight from the APS-C sensor to the SDHC card. The D90 movie capabilities are limited, though. The compression rate of the Motion-JPEG output cripples the video quite a bit, and there are issues with fast moving subjects being slanted because of the rolling shutter readout technique used with CMOS sensors. Despite that, I still think the D90 is capable of producing some really stunning footage. One huge advantage is the fact that you can throw just about any F-mount lens on the camera and press REC. Be it the largest telephoto lens, primes, ultrawideangle or macro lenses. Think bokeh.

I purchased a Nikon refurbished D80 body a little over two months ago. I just got around to checking on the shutter count. I tried a number of Exif readers includinig Opanda and Nikon Preview Extractor among others. I got a very low count, lower than the highest image number for the shots I've taken since receiving the camera. That number was in 1300's. The Exif readers were saying mid 200's.
But then I wanted to see what an image clearly further back than 250 shots would read so I went back in the files and the image I read there showed over 8,000 on the shutter count. What?
I then started checking images closer and closer to current work and the number kept going up to around 9,650 when suddenly it started over from 1. It may have gone as high as 10,000 but since I had deleted some files in that number range I'm not sure what number it actually reset on.
I have noticed that in Google research Exif readers are always mentioned in context with the D90 and newer. So is the D80 really not readable on Exif readers? Or is there a glitch in my on board counter? Any input appreciated. 
L F Brown

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This reconditioned Nikon D80 body arrived in perfect condition--I can't tell it from a new one! So far it has worked perfectly,so Iam very happy with it!